5 crucial symptoms to spot alcohol addiction

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Alcohol addiction is often taken lightly as something that can be curbed whenever one wants to. However the truth is that alcoholism is every bit as important and dangerous a disease as any other, if not more.

Take a look at the following signs and symptoms to be able to spot alcoholism.

  1. Hiding or lying about drinking

In most cases when people lie about their drinking, it is a vital sign that something is wrong. The fact that they don’t want to address it shows denial on the part of the drinker. It helps in such a scenario to refer the person to an alcohol addiction blog so that he can face his denial.

  1. Regularly drinking to drown one’s sorrows

While many of us tend to have a drink occasionally when feeling down, letting it become a go-to emotional crutch can be dangerous in the long run. Prolonged dependence on the bottle to alleviate one’s state of mind is a definite giveaway of alcoholism.

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  1. Allowing alcohol to come in the way of responsibilities

Drinking in situations where one is expected to carry out other responsibilities (work, school or household) can be a cause for concern.  This shows that the person has allowed alcohol to cross line from being a chance indulgence to letting it come in the way of their day-to-day life.

  1. Attempting to quit and failing

The fact that someone is attempting to put a halt to their drinking practices shows that they recognize a problem exists and that they want to work out a solution. However, failure to successfully quit drinking must be taken seriously. One must seek professional help in such a scenario.

  1. Feeling symptoms of withdrawal

Contrary to other symptoms, patients of alcoholism face withdrawal as a result of lack of alcohol, instead of excess of it. This is the most serious symptom and is indicative that the situation is quite grave.

Alcohol addiction can be nasty. Check for these symptoms and read more on the subject on a well-researched alcohol addiction blog.

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