All you ought to know about express delivery services

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Delivery services business one should say is growing at a faster rate especially with a number of businesses that are foraying into online marketing and selling. They are able to sell more because of the wider markets and this is exactly the reason why the delivery service providing companies are in demand. They have made it possible for the sellers to send (ส่งของ) the goods to the expected destination within a short period of time termed as expressส่งของ delivery. Online sales have also led to the evolution of different types of delivery services.

express delivery

 Types of delivery services

Types of deliveries that have evolved in order to achieve express delivery include

On-demand delivery– It is a form of express delivery service in which the gods would be delivered to the customer as quickly as possible after the order is placed.  It can be as quick as “within an hour” to as long as “within a day”.  

 Scheduled on-demand Delivery service– In this type of delivery system, the goods are delivered to the customers based on their convenience. That is the time and date of delivery is scheduled and the goods are delivered at that time and date. Most of the goods delivered in case of online purchase are delivered this way.

express delivery

The ice cream truck model-  It can be considered as a mix of the above two models and is called a hybrid of the two. It is indeed a complex model. However, the dynamic order insertion is part of this system that involves holding an inventory of goods and selecting the best route for deliveries based on the real-time orders received to ensure express delivery.

Self Pick-up- This is a system employed by delivery services that do not have a workforce for delivering the goods. The pick-up address would be sent to the customer. The customer would have to collect the goods from the center by providing the receipt.

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