Applications of Tig welding

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Generating the amount of heat that is required to join the metals of different alloys can be a very difficult task if it is done without welding. With the welding process in place, everything seems to be simple. Welding is one of the most extensive processes that have been used in the areas of construction. During the construction of buildings, there is a requirement of a lot of metal usage. Using metals of different kinds also becomes important during the construction process, and adjoining them together can become easy with the help of tig welding.

tig welder

Tig welding is a process where the heat is generated from an Arc in the required quantities to join the metals of different alloys easily. A tungsten electrode is used in tig welding, and that is what makes this welding a very effective one when compared to the normal welding process.

There are a lot of applications that aim at the advantages of tig welding, and some of them are being discussed in this article.

  • Compatible with all the metals

Using the tig welder gives you an opportunity to work on different kinds of metals and alloys. Metals like stainless steel, chromium, aluminum, nickel, iron, and many more can be joined easily without any efforts using this kind of welding. Industries that are related to automobiles, construction and the lawn mowing make use of these tig welders.

tig welder
  • Used in metal industries

Forging and Metal Industries make use of these tig welders effectively because they can be easily able to work on brass, copper, Steel, and other metals easily. These industries are involved in making goods that are extremely bigger in size. Using a normal welder is going to result in a lot of wastage of time. On the contrary, the welding process makes it extremely simple as it can join any sizes of metals easily.

  • No sparks

The normal welding process results in a lot of sparks and spatters.  At times it becomes extremely difficult for the welder to use those welding machines. It also requires specially made spectacles to be used when normal welding is used. All these things can be easily eliminated with the usage of tig welder because only the required quantity of material required to weld goes into the filler. The arc produces the heat, and metals will be easily joined without any problems.

tig welder
  • Fumes only occur with a few metals.

Only when the base metals have the substance of oil grease or anything that results in fumes, the tig welder does not create any sort of gas or fumes around you during the welding work. With this, the productivity of the employee increases as they would be easily able to work for continuous hours. Fumes can be emitted in case if the base metals used are zinc or lead. It is recommended to thoroughly clean these metals before welding.

These are some of the applications and advantages that one can find with the usage of this kind of welding process. As the tig welding process is considered to be extremely simple and effective means most of the industries these days make use of this process.

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