Blockchain-powered Technology Eliminates Inherent Risks of Privacy & Fund Safety in Conventional Transaction Methods

Jul 19, 2019 by

The use of blockchain technology is gaining rapid pace as more and more gamers are looking for an alternative to conventional transaction method. There is not much harm in using the current transaction methods, but safety and transparency are crucial issues in online gaming. Though everything is going well, but you cannot remain anonymous in your online transactions.


Why anonymity is important for a gambler

The anonymity is a prominent factor in gambling and wagering. These activities are not legal on most places and therefore, the transactions pertaining to gambling and wagering are also illegal. This is enough for anyone to think of concealing his identity when engaged in gambling or betting.

Why online gambling or wagering is preferred

Online gambling has become as trend because this is the most convenient way to gamble or place bets without making physical presence to a casino or public place. Most people love this way of gambling or betting because they can visit any gambling or betting agent’s website, make a deposit on the web platform, and start gambling or betting.


Risks in online gambling

The major risk is the safety of transaction because you are using your personal and bank details on a virtual platform that can be poked by a hacker, an outsider, who has no role in this transaction. This poses a big risk of losing money that can be stolen from within the website, you are using to make transaction.

How blockchain-powered technology eliminates risks

The advent of blockchain-powered technology has resolved problems for the gaming industry. The major concerns in current transaction methods were that of safety and identity, but blockchain-powered technology eliminates these risks to a greater degree. When you use blockchain-powered eSports website, you can be safe and private in your transaction method. You can search many such platforms on the internet to keep you safe and private, but you still need to make sure about the trustworthiness of the platform on which you make the transaction.

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