Copa Star Combines High Standard of Excellence with Quality Treatment

May 14, 2017 by

A hospital should be such that it provides premier medical treatment. Along with that, it also needs to provide a serene yet luxurious ambiance for quick recovery of the patients. A technologically equipped operation room, use of visual images in surgery, robotic equipment, well-qualified doctors and trained support staff are the parameters on which a hospital is defined. But, other than these, the construction of the hospital also has a major role to play.

Built with the advanced construction designs

The construction of Copa Star Hospital has paid attention to every detail to increase the comfort level of the patients. The infrastructure is nothing less than a five-star hotel. When a patient is brought to Copa Star hospital, it gives a feeling to the patient that he/she is enjoying a vacation on a resort.

Copa Star

Practical designs have been implemented

The hospital is equipped with the latest technology tools and instruments to help the doctorsincorporate new technology in the treatment procedure. Along with that, the infrastructure too is equipped with practical designed appliances. For example, an air cavity has been created in the façade which will help the ventilation system to limit its thermal heat gain, and, at the same time it will also expel hot air. But the implementation of these practical designs have not hampered the beauty of the hospital. On the contrary, it has added to its aesthetic value.

Power Saving has been paid attention to

How many hospitals think about energy conversation when it is in the construction phase? But Copa Star did. In the initial phase of its construction, energy conversation was an important area which was given strict attention. The wiring, lighting, heating, water pumping, air conditioning and the elevators have been set up in such a way that it consumes the least power without compromising with the efficiency of these appliances. Energy conversation in a hospital is a big step of contribution towards the environment.

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