Discovering the Problems of Diabetic Neuropathy

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It is also important to be judgemental while going or it which may or may not sure the problem. Hence it is necessary to ponder upon what diabetic neuropathy is.

Diabetic neuropathy and its causes

The reason behind the pain which is caused due to diabetic neuropathy is unknown to medical professionals. It is not possible to diagnose the happenings inside the body which leads to the various symptoms. While research processes have been done it is concluded that such a condition takes place, when the blood sugar level of the body is uncontrollable.

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Research data analysis

A certain conclusion was made by the researchers in a study which was conducted in the year 1993 at The New England Journal Of Medicine. The conclusion was to reduce or put a check on the blood sugar level which will further eradicate the pain which is connected with neuropathy. Hence medical advisors are compelled to prescribe therapies which include the injection of insulin to control this condition.

It is still unknown to medical specialists the reason behind the nerve pain and the blood sugar levels. The only known cause is that higher the level of glucose in blood the higher pain is thereby disrupting the nerve connections. However this doesnt seem to happen in each and every case. As much as 70% of people are prone to diabetes with high blood sugar level for the entire time period of this condition.

Medical expertise

Doctors looked for more symptoms leading to neuropathy than just high blood sugar levels. Hence it isnt easy to decipher or cure neuropathy. This is typically a condition where a group of preconditioned nerves tend to cause harm to the central nervous system and lead to the nerve pain. This may hence require a Nerve Renew.

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