Everything you need to know about the positive aspects of carrageenan

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When you hear about carrageenan, the first thing that comes to your mind is all adverse reports against this component. With the deleterious reports spread all across the internet, you too assume and make your mind against it. But the food industry simply dismisses this report. For more than 50 years, this component is used in food products. And even before that,it was used by Irish people to make delicacies. So, where does this product stands now?

Read on to know all about this component before you make up your mind.

  1. What is carrageenin (alternative name)?

It is an extract that is collected from seaweed (red algae or Irish moss). Its texture is similar to gel,and it is used for thickening liquid products. It is a sustainable source,and you can see it beingused in products like yogurt, creamy products, pudding, etc.

  1. Is carrageenan safe for people suffering from digestive disorder?

There is a wrong assumption regarding this product that it causes inflammation in thedigestive tract. You can be certain that consuming products made from it does not harm your stomach nor it showcases any side effects in people suffering from digestive problems.



  1. Is this constituent safe for consumption?

Yes, it is entirely safe and fit for consumption. As per the various studies conducted by WHO Expert Committees on Food Additives, the Joint Food & Agriculture Organization and the National Organics Standards Board, it was found that this ingredient is safe to be used in food products.

  1. Is this constituent eco-friendly?

Of course, it is. For the constant availability of this extract, many places opt for legalized seaweed farming. With this form of aquaculture, there is no involvement of fertilizer. Also, this farming does not entail fresh water nor gets affected by climate change.

For now, these points regarding carrageenan might have resolved some of the confusions and incorrect perception revolving in your mind. You can easily consume it without any fear of its side effects.

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