Get the Assistance of Persona 5 Gift Guide and Romance with Confidants

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Scope to get intimate!

Persona 5 Gift Guide is the guide to Persona 5 designed for you. You will come across certain confidants with whom you will get the scope to get intimate. You will have to present startling gifts to suit your purpose!

Persona 5 Gift Guide is the best possible solution for you regarding the game’s confidants. Below, you are provided with a perfect resolution as the best possible gifts are outlined that should be offered in persona 5.

Again, the choice of confidants varies from one another. What one of them desires may not be liked any other. So, take the assistance of Persona 5 Gift Guide.

Confidants’ choice differs from one another

Each confidant is special in some aspects and is available from a certain date and can be located at different destinations. For instance, Hifumi Togo or the star is available from 25th of June whereas Ichiko Ohya or the Devil is available from 18th of June. The Star can be located in Kanda especially in afternoons whereas the Devil at the Crossroads Bar, Shinijiku.

Hifumi loves Black Mug (the only item she desires) which you will not find in the Shibuya Mall (located underground) but in Shinjuku General Store. To offer the Star her desired gift, start a romantic discussion with her.

Ichiko Ohya or the Devil is a journalist who is always in favour of the Phantom Thieves and writes articles on them. Want to develop intimacy with her? Offer her a digital camera as a Christmas gift. You can also gift her fountain pen, black mug or matcha pudding. You will found these things in the General store or in the Shibuya Mall.

In contrast to the above two, Chihaya Mifune or the confident fortune teller is undemanding and doesn’t desire any definite gift to begin a romantic relation (with you). You can boost your relationship presenting her cologne as a Christmas gift!

Besides there are other confidants like Ann Takamaki (Lovers confidant), Makoto Nijima (Priestess confidant) and so on. 

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