Hirek TV: Get to know some truths about IMAX

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The concept of IMAX in cinema halls or movie theatres is somewhat overhyped in the present scenario. In hirek.tv you will get a detailed idea about what IMAX is. You will also be critically aware of the differences between the actual IMAX that was actually proposed and the culture of the IMAX that has actually been implemented in the movie theatres in recent times. The information available here is not only crisp and to the point but it also points out the truth like no other.

More about IMAX

You have been hearing the word IMAX a bit too often these days. In fact, almost every movie theatre popping up in and around the city demands that they have IMAX theatres included inside them. But it is heart wrenching to know that even though you think that you are paying for ultimate IMAX experience, it is not so unfortunately. The trend to claim nearly average sized movie screens as IMAX screens have already set in and is in practice in almost all the places. Feels great isn’t it  to know that you are paying IMAX chargers for quality that are not even close to what you should get!



Know how you are used!

The sad part of the story that you learn from hirek is that if you go out there to enquire the real difference in the prices of the tickets you will find that you are paying almost the same amount. A normal so called IMAX quality ticket comes for $15 approximately. You are actually paying this amount to watch a motion picture on a screen that is not even close to the guidelines set to declare a screen as IMAX. Had it been a normal IMAX screen you had had to pay barely $5-$6 more and that is it.

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