How to ensure you receive best new drivers Lyft bonus

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Hello folk! Here we are going to tell you about how you can easily apply for sign up bonus for Lyft so that you are assured to be entitled for the perfect bonus in your locality. Though, Lyft is available in various leading cities, we were amazed to see that forty percent of MRP members reviewed only drive for Uber. Well, here we are going to tell you why it is a good option to choose Lyft for driving, and what process you should follow to ensure you receive the huge bonuses.

sign up bonus from Lyft

Why you should consider driving for Lyft

All the drivers who are seeking Uber only might wonder why they would drive for Lyft. The reasons are mentioned below –

  • Lyft provides more payments and sign up bonus for Lyft in a few regions.
  • The Lyft applications permit tipping. Drivers are allowed to keep total tips.
  • If you are facing account related problems with Uber, then you simply make use of Lyft as your backup.
  • If primarily, you register with Lyft, and then Uber, then you could also be entitled for bonuses from Uber for Lyft drivers.
  • On the whole, Lyft is nearly similar to the UberX. The real job, the application, and the vehicle needs are nearly the same.

How to come across the best new-driver bonus within your locality

Lyft makes it so simple to see the amount of bonuses for fresh drivers in your locality. They maintain an updated page listing different sign up bonus from Lyft in their support centre that you can easily check out. Several cities have 5000$ bonuses, and a few also reach 1000$ and 750$. The amount of rides you need to finish to receive the bonus is more than Uber, however if you are previously a working driver then it should not be very tough to receive 50 or 75 rides in a month.


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