How to find the best acoustic guitar?

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Yes, you saw him today playing and now, you got that bug! Playing musical instruments can be both cool and artistic. People possessing heavy dreams of owning their own acoustic guitar and performing in their own live shows, must not be ignored. They are the true jewels of this music industry, where every skill thrives on practice. Therefore, a keen look must be taken on the features of the guitar that you plan to buy next time. They must be suitable for your requirements and must facilitate and complement your playing style. This will bring out your own best acoustic guitar from the huge lot of other types. The specifications that must be considered are:

best acoustic guitar

1) Look for the correct tonewood: The selection of tonewoods can vary from spruce, cedar, maple, mahogany to rosewood. The choice of tonewood solely depends on what type of sounds you prefer and are fond of playing. Taking the example of a fingerstyle player. He will prefer woods that can respond well to his delicate playing attributes. Also, the type of wood with which the back and the sides are made of is also important to note. This will ensure it’s tonal frequency and will carve the overall sound effects of the guitar. This feature definitely helps in choosing your best acoustic guitar.

2) It’s body style: The body style of the acoustic guitar matters a lot when the thread of convenience is triggered. It can vary from travel sizes to jumbo sizes and even dreadnought. The tonal effects also depend on the body style. Its projection plays a great deal on the convenience it provides in playing.

3) It’s electronics part: Always look for pickups and preamplifiers in your system of acoustic guitar. This will ensure that the sound from it fills every corner of the room. Also, check if preamps are provided on the side of the instrument or are fixed inside its soundhole. Always, look for acoustic guitars which come preoccupied with electronics like EQ, piezo-pickups, preamplifiers etc.

best acoustic guitar

4) The architecture of its neck: While choosing this feature, make your hand the key. It all depends on what dimensions of guitar you can carry. The number of frets on the guitar also determines it’s designing and dimensions.

5) It’s intonation: The intonation depends on the factor whether the notes get played or not while moving the neck of the guitar. If the frets are distanced at off positions, then it must be discarded as it will affect your recording and playing performances drastically.

6) It’s tuning mechanism: This is an important criteria to be considered. This ensures that the acoustic guitar is able to hold both the tune and the pitch correctly. Always prefer an enclosed mechanism, as it will omit out the fear of getting rust and will also keep other factors like airborne corrosives away.

7) It’s finish: The overall finish of the guitar is also an important factor. It determines the vibration of its wood upon playing. Actually, this depends completely on the maker and therefore, the choice of your best acoustic guitar must be done carefully and wisely.

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