How to find the best dishwasher under 500

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A dishwasher is a machine that is used for cleaning the dishes automatically by spraying hot water between the temperatures 45-75 degrees. Using a dishwasher is much better than cleaning dishes manually since a dishwasher reduces the unnecessary wastage of water and time taken. The qualities and features of a dishwasher have improved over time. Nowadays a dishwasher is one of the most convenient appliances equipped with multifunctional settings. There are a variety of dishwashers available in the market under 500, a closer look at the features should be considered while buying the best dishwasher under 500 for yourself.

best dishwasher under 500

Prominent features of a dishwasher

There are certain features that a dishwasher must-have for effective and comfortable washing.

Effective size

The capacity of a dishwasher should be chosen based on the number of people it will be used for. A dishwasher with 24-inch capacity having 12-14 standard place settings is ideal for a family whereas an 18-inch dishwasher is considered ideal for a couple.

Wash Cycles

There are a variety of wash cycles witnessed in a dishwasher like a heavy wash, regular wash, light wash and economic settings. The economic setting is the most common one since it works by air drying the dishes hence saving a good amount of energy. Dishwashers with high technology use automatic cycles depending upon the kind of wash needed with the help of soil sensing technology.

best dishwasher under 500


The performance of an ideal dishwasher is based on its washing and drying power. The washing and drying performance of a dishwasher cannot be determined depending upon the price. Options such as extra drying and high power don’t ensure the required performance. A customer should go through certain comparative product reports for thorough knowledge.


Unlike other appliances dishwashers can only be equipped in the kitchen.  Noise is one of the major concerns for installing a dishwasher. It is advised to install a dishwasher with a sound level of less than 50 decibels. Bosch dishwashers are highly popular and high in demand since they offer perfect sound insulation

Energy Usage

While buying a dishwasher under 500 one should check on the amount of energy it will be consuming and look for maximum efficiency with lower energy consumption. There are certain dishwashers with quick wash options using the minimum amount of water for washing. While the delay button option in some dishwashers helps in saving electricity.

There are other aspects such as safety, exterior design, tub size and adjustable racks which should be paid emphasis on while looking for the best dishwasher under 500 for home. It is best to look for the features that will be worth in making your life easier. One should make thorough research before spending an ample amount of money on buying a dishwasher.

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