How to get the most out of protein powders

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Many people these days opt for protein powders for better health, muscle growth or for better performance in sports. But just mere consumption of even the best protein powder will not give you great benefits. It is how you consume or when you consume them that matters. Let’s see how you can get the most out of your protein powder –

When you want to recover from exercise – An avid exerciser or an athlete should take the best protein powder within an hour of doing a workout. This is the time when the muscles are at its most responsive stage and will be able to use the protein for growth and repair process.

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When you need to control weight – You need to have a steady and proper supply of protein at every snack or meal; this would help with keeping you full.

There is no particular number as to how much protein one should take at a time, but it would be best to go for at least 3 ounces every meal.

How to make your protein intakes tasty?

Even the best protein powder has its own taste depending on the protein source and the ingredients. Many companies use flavor enhancers or fillers so that they can make more flavors other than the usual chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. If you would like to improve on the taste of your protein shakes a bit more, you could mix your proteins with milk alternatives or milk; this would give you a creamier texture. You could even mix in maybe a serving of fruit or say a tablespoon of peanut butter to make it tasty and enhance the flavor.

Protein kinds – Whey protein is the most popular as it is easy to digest and has all the necessary amino acids. Soy proteins are another popular choice. There are also other proteins like Egg proteins, milk proteins, rice proteins, pea proteins and hemp Proteins.

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