Keys- the bane of the careless

May 8, 2017 by

We live in a world today where the adage ‘Time is money’ holds true more than ever. This means that people are always in a rush. Rush to complete their work on time, rush to BEGIN their work on time and even rush to relax.

And in this kind of a world, god forbid you are a careless or forgetful man. For if you are one, you will always be late. People from this class of individuals always seem to remember they are forgetting something at the very last moment. Wallets, keys, cell phones- the biggest victims of this victimless crime. Wallets- it’s a big enough thing and you wouldn’t exactly keep your money lying around (you will find it eventually). Cell Phone- just get your friend to ring it and you will find it. But keys? Oh the keys, where art thou?

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Squeezed between the cushions of your couch, sometimes tucked comfortably under the bed or maybe carelessly thrown in the kitchen with the silverware. Who knows what they are up to?  And if you are someone like me, who keeps playing around with things in their pockets, your keys probably will soon exit your pocket, reach your hands and soon vanish in thin air as you forget where you last put it after spinning it around with your finger while waiting for lunch time. Not to mention the discomfort those things cause when they are in your pockets. I mean, who wouldn’t take them out and just put them on the table for ‘safekeeping’?

Only the privileged few of this class of individuals know how many keys they have lost. I, for example, have had to arrange a new key for my car at least once (sometimes twice) every year. Having to go around and find mechanics, locksmiths and even the car company themselves to replace my car keys is never an easy thing to do. If only I had some sort of a car key replacement company near me. Is that too much to ask for?

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