Listen up driving instructors; you can now lease your driving school car!

Aug 23, 2017 by

The number of cars on our roads is increasing with every passing year. Driving schools today get more business than ever before. In such a scenario, these driving schools want to make sure they hold on to their trusted driving instructors.

If you happen to be a driving instructor in the UK at such a time, you, my dear friend are in luck. The latest offering some driving schools like Andy1st are making to instructors is a unique opportunity to lease the school’s car.

You no longer need to worry about having enough savings to get that dream car you always wanted. Just lease it from your driving school.


Benefits of leasing

  1. A constant worry with owning a car is that of not knowing when a massive repair bill is going to land on the mat. You can now erase that fear as leasing will cover for all kinds of repair needed for your car.
  2. The driving school will replace your vehicle in the event of it being off the road for whatever reason.
  3. Timely servicing will be provided to ensure the car is in optimal condition to be driven.
  4. The car will come fitted with He-man dual controls at the time of leasing.
  5. Cars will come with GPS heads up display to help you navigate unknown roads.
  6. The driving school is going to replace your car every 2 years.
  7. Most importantly, leasing allows you to budget effectively and in a much simpler manner. With one monthly payment, all things relating to your car will be taken care of. The same monthly fee will cover for everything starting from tax breakdown to servicing to repairs.

So get in touch with your driving school management and check if they offer car leasing. If they don’t, there are plenty of popular driving schools around like Andy1st, that do.


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