Not so talked about features in best baby strollers

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If you are a first time mom and are just entering the world of baby strollers; then we’re quite sure that you find it extremely overwhelming. There are several kinds of strollers and all top brands claim to be the best baby strollers. Well, you need to do a little research and you are sure to get lots of recommendations and ideas as to how you should make your selection. Here we will tell you about some simple features which people don’t really think about but are equally important when you buy a stroller –

Harness of best baby strollers– You might have the best baby strollers, but if the harness clips are too hard to remove then it’s not going to be easy. You need to get a stroller with a harness which has a smooth working. Imagine trying to remove the harness with a screaming and squirming baby! One more added advantage would be to have magnetic catches. Velcro ones make noise and almost always wake up sleeping babies.

Best Baby Strollers

Washable seats of best baby strollers– You have no idea how much a stroller can get dirty. Just think about all that spit and puke and well, some more unimaginable things. It would certainly be better to have seats which are machine washable.

Handlebars of the best baby strollers – If you are quite short or really tall, then you absolutely have to have a handlebar which is adjustable. This would be very comfortable to push. Else, it could get quite strenuous for you. Also in case, as a couple you both are very different in heights, then this is a necessity, so both can push the strollers with ease.

Window of the best baby strollers – Though this is not a necessity, new mothers would certainly like this. If the stroller canopy has a small window, you can have an eye on your baby. Parents especially first time ones would love to see their gem without having to break stride.

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