Past & Present Status of Highest Paying Jobs on Wall Street

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Finance is a major industry in the New York state of United States. New York holds the status of the leading financial center of the globe. The major attribution of awarding this status to New York goes to the wall Street anchoring the New York city. This is an eight-block-long street that houses two largest stock exchanges of the world by total market capitalization – the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, besides the former American Stock Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the New York Board of Trade. This creates a type of cluster here of securities and stock trade and a prominent opportunity of highest paying jobs on wall street.

highest paying jobs on wall street

Status of highest paying jobs on wall street

New York, especially Wall Street is a center for successful careers in finance industry. You may not expect too many low paying jobs here because most jobs in leading securities exchange require a higher-level professional skill in finance, statistical analysis, and predictive analysis. Thus, the greater probability is of highest paying jobs on wall street. The positions are usually offered to and occupied by the professional holding qualifications and experience in the field of finance, economics, statistics and business analysis. The positions are mostly located in the wall street area, but New Jersey state in the proximity of Manhattan in New York also attract financial professionals for highest paying jobs.

highest paying jobs on wall street

Escalated demand for highest paying jobs on wall street

The scenario has much changed since the past. The financial industry got its official start on Wall Street on May 17, 1792. The first official stock exchange of New York was also established on that day. The scenario of financial job market was not same as it is today. It is over two centuries since the time of establishment of wall street. The job scenario has changed a lot during this long period. The demand for highest paying jobs on wall street has escalated as wall street financial status goes up in the global markets.

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