Recruiting Individuals Who Qualify the Language Skills for US Military

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MAVNI – The Program Offered by US Military:

Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest popularly known as MAVNI is a program offered by the military of United States of America to recruit the legal non-citizens who qualify the various qualification criteria and pass the skill test conducted by the MAVNI program.

The MAVNI program is often restricted to applicants who possess certain language skills. The MAVNI program officially declares around fifty-one languages and recruits’ individuals who are proficient in any of those mentioned languages. The MAVNI program tests the proficiency of the individual in their native language which is listed one among the accepted language proficiency for MAVNI by way of conducting Oral Proficiency Interview (OPV).

Benefits of MAVNI Program:

Though the qualification criteria are stringent and the skill test require good knowledge of the applicants to pass them, the applicants benefit in a great way once they get qualified and serve for the country’sArmy. Some of the benefits of qualifying in the MAVNI and serving for the nation are listed below.

  • The individuals are entitled to get the US Citizenship directly without going through the complex and time taking Green Card process to obtain the citizenship.
  • They often get high-quality training and gain great opportunities to attend advanced schooling.
  • They also get to meet the monetary needs of the family by way of regular income. In addition, the soldiers and their family members often get special benefits.
  • Since they serve in a high-profile job for the country, they often gain good leadership skills which benefits them in improving their personality and that will help them to attain success in whatever role they take up in future.
  • The young people who join the army through MAVNI program, gets a chance to save money and attend college of their choice.


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