Running Fred – The Popular Video Game with Interesting Rules & Traps

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The Market for Video Games:

There are hundreds of video games being developed and launched every day, as the market of the video games is growing big, the competitive products in the form of apps strive to provide the best gaming experience to the serious video game players. Out of the wide range of video games, only few of the games are success in getting the attention of the users with their ability to keep them engaged over a period of time. It is common practice in the gaming world, where after the success of a gaming genre, a sequel is being introduced with a motive of providing better or different environment than its predecessor which in turn attracts further video game players in addition to retaining their original customer from the previous sequel.

Running Fred

Running Fred – About the Game:

Running Fred is one such popular video game sequel to the already successful Falling Fred games, which includes lots of fun and exciting elements to keep the game player’s attention which thereby helps them to continue with their business.

As the name suggest Running Fred is about the player of the game assumes that the character or himself in the game is Fred and should run in the midst of castles which are made of stone walls that are huge, and should use the controls to jump and can even dodge like the shape of the car and should escape the traps to keep himself safe and alive which in turn is necessary to continue in the game. The players of Running Fred game should be wide awake to watch the traps which might come in various forms such as spike trap that is spinning, blade cutter where it might lead to cut into bits and pieces or some serious traps like Soul Reapers Scythe.



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