Specifications about inflatable bouncy houses

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The inflatable bouncy house is a structure that is built with soft nylon material that invites you to jump and have fun. Children usually fall in love with such structures because they are beautiful and colorful. It attracts them like nothing else. Having a bouncy house at your very own house can be a dream come true for many kids. If you have two or more than two kids, this is the best birthday present that you can give to one of your children and can be used by both of them several fun games like catch me if you and can fun football can also be played in the inflatable bouncy house.

inflatable bouncy house

Age range to use the bouncy house

The safe age range is between age 6 to age 13. Children who are below the age of 6 can get hurt while jumping or can fall off the bouncy house and children above 13 can be very heavy for the house and might cause minor punctures in it. 6 to 13 is just the right age to use this bouncy house and take all the benefits and fun that it has to offer you.

Safety rules

inflatable bouncy house

Safety always comes first in a bouncy house. The house will come along with several accessories and a safety booklet. Read that booklet very carefully and follow what has been written on it. It instructs you to limit the number of children jumping on it. They have tried and tested each and every thing that has been written so it should be thoroughly followed. The safe age range should also be kept in mind before buying it. Adults are strictly instructed not to jump and play on it. A particular weight range has also been mentioned. The house should not exceed that particular weight range at once.

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