Styling tips for curvy girls

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If you are embarrassed about your body type then don’t be. Love yourself there are lot many models and curvy girls who are just rocking and killing at the style game. Remember whatever or however you are, just accept yourself. If you are not sure curvy fashionista can help to style yourself up, these tricks will help you out:

  1. No more hiding of belly: Lot of curvy girls’ emphasis on hiding the belly part by choosing many shape wear. Instead of getting flattened belly, you end of getting lumps. So drop the idea about hiding it and embrace your belly.
  2. Better quality undergarments: You may have the best outfit but if your basis is not right, then you won’t be able to carry it off. So it is advised to curvy girls to invest in better quality undergarments. You can also opt for good tank tops which can be worn under any other clothing.

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  1. Try different sizes. Size of one brand may be the same as compared something other. So you can either het a size smaller and larger when you are trying out to explore your measurements.
  2. Find clothes for your body type: Even if you have curvy figure, not all have the same body type. So be sure to get dresses complementing your body type.
  3. Crop tops are your best options: Even you have a fuller tummy don’t forget to show off some. Opt for crop tops because it really is the best choice and look good on curvy girls.
  4. Embrace your curves: Always go for the clothes which will flatter your curvy body. Wearing such dresses can make your body look good. You can get lot of options at curvy fashionista. If you are confused what to wear go for flares as it looks good on any body type.


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