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The modern game developing enterprises especially take care of the fact that the game attacks the mind of the gamer, forcing him / her to involve into the game for virtual reality and sharpening up the tactics of the brain. Until the gamer find something too much creative with high class strategy involvement and best resolution for the game, they are not going to choose the particular game. Even after that the marketing strategies of the companies aim to test the interpretation abilities and comprehensively guide the user through various challenges of life. Similarly, one game that entered into the market on account of its ability to provide real life instances arising out virtual reality is Cooking Fever.

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Cooking Fever is an addictive game that focuses more on time management abilities providing a thrill to the gamer causing his adrenalin to feature out of the ducts, and a game with vast features and involvement of virtual reality. It features more than 18 locations where one can open restaurants to enter the real gaming world. The menu dishes out desserts, fast food, Chinese, Italian and Continental delicacies prepared out of more than 10 ingredients, giving an absolute freedom to the gamer to cook according to his tastes and preferences. Numerous kitchen appliances help to serve the customers that enter to challenge the cooking skills with their own food demands. Along with numerous upgrades and coin – gems presence in the game, it becomes an absolute dream coming true for the gamers who never get bored out with this amazing stuff.

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With over 400 levels to clear, it sometimes becomes monotonous for the gamer to keep playing the game. But it is the addiction of the game that does not let its user thinks so. The new challenges at every step ensure that users find it always interesting to keep playing the game. But at times certain brain teasers do not appeal to some. For those, the loopholes of the developers have given way for cheat codes to crack the games. When managing a game like cooking fever where one has to manage a mess of things, cooking fever cheats are on this website that also add free gems cooking fever.Thus enabling the gamer to find the game more interesting.


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