The ease of keeping your vehicle metal clean and polished

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Timely cleaning and polishing vehicle metal is an important task and with Sheen Genie metal polish the process becomes easier. Recently many new metal polishes have come up in the market with new ranges of features and specialties. Every car owner or biker wants to enhance the overall look of their machine; through these metal polishes the process is fast and easy. Parts of vehicles which can be polished using the metal polish are wheels, badges, trim details, grills, exhaust details, valve cover, piping, manifolds and reservoir filer caps.

Sheen Genie

Applying metal polish

Using Sheen Genie metal polish is easy but there are some basic things to follow before using the item. Prior to any metal polishing make sure the place is properly cleaned like rest of the vehicle. Use a piece of cloth or brush to thoroughly clean the place where you will use metal polish. Cleaning of the dirtier areas or mud is the main purpose; else you can use any normal vehicle shampoo product. Tree sap and road tar are common contaminants for any vehicle, remove it and use metal polishes for perfect finish.

Sheen Genie

Giving the perfect look

For non chrome parts using woolen piece can be used with suitable Sheen Genie metal polish to remove staining or oxidation on the surface. However it is important to know that wire woolen pieces should not be used on high polished areas as it can dull or haze the finish. This can also introduce scratches. Shopping for this essential vehicle item is easy online. Several online portals are available where you can shop for suitable metal polish at best possible rate. With growing demand several new ranges of metal polishes are coming up in the market, it is important to bank on the best brand for perfect finish. Buy one today!

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