The gift of nature

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We need to value nature’s gifts

This world is a gift to us, we must never forget this. We are beings who are often adept at taking everything for granted and assume that whatever we have is what we deserve to have. Although it is true that we often work hard for whatever we possess and whatever luxuries that we enjoy in life but it is important that none of it would have been possible at all if not for the wonders and the riches of this exquisite planet that we live in.

Human civilization would never have left the caves if not for the bountiful riches of this planet and everything that it had in order to support our evolution into advanced civilizations. There would have been no buildings and no basic essentials, let alone luxuries, if this planet and its nature did not have the resources that it has in order for us to make use of them.

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But just like everything else we can see that we as human beings are taking this planet and its nature for granted. We need to understand that taking nature for granted is not just something that is wrong but in the long run might be something that is dangerous not just for the planet and its nature but by extension, us as well. We need to understand that if we keep exploiting nature and not pay attention to its needs and to its conservation there will be a time where we run out of its bounties and when the very basic survival of human beings will become a huge question mark.

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