Top 4 Tips to Stay Safe During Coronavirus Pandemic

May 8, 2020 by

The number of people affected by Coronavirus is increasing day by day. Thousands of people are dying every hour even after the best efforts by doctors and healthcare professionals. Many countries have called for indefinite lockdown, and the world is running at the slowest pace. But, if you are stressed and worried about how to stay safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic, can provide you with the latest news and findings of Coronavirus.

We are providing you with the top 4 tips that you can use to stay safe during this disastrous period:

Never touch your mouth with the unwashed hand

If you have been to a public place, it is very important to wash your hands and that too with the best soap or sanitizer. Never touch your face with an unwashed hand. Coronavirus enters your body through the mouth, nose, and eyes. Thus wash your hands at frequent intervals.

Maintain social distance

The best solution to prevent this pandemic from spreading is to maintain a social distance of about 1 meter from everyone. If you are too close to a person, you can easily get infected.

Build your immunity

One of the  best ways to avoid Coronavirus is to build your immunity by eating food rich in various nutrients. Several spices like cinnamon and turmeric can be very helpful in building immunity.

Practice respiratory hygiene

It is very important to practice and maintain the best respiratory hygiene. This means, cover your mouth and nose while you sneeze or cough. Maintaining respiratory hygiene will not only help you, but it will also prevent the disease from spreading.

With these few points, you can minimize your chances of being infected with this disease. Thus, follow these basic points and stop this disease from spreading.

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