What Carrageenan Products Don’t Contain?

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The following list of ingredients is certainly going to ascertain a person that carrageenan is one of the most safe food additive. Read on to find out more on Carrageenan.

Artificial Hues:

Carrageenan products do not contain artificial colors and this ensures their safe usage as a food additive.

Animal Constituents:

Carrageenan products also do not contain any ingredients that make use of animal-testing and animal-given products. Carrageenan

toothpastes, for example, are entirely natural while the usual toothpastes make use of glycerin which is obtained as an animal ingredient.


Artificial Essences of Fragrance or Flavors:

The pure and fresh tastes and natural essences appeal most of the users of carrageenan products because natural products have always been a priority. These natural essences on a major note include fruit, flower and herb extracts and nothing more.

Artificial Preservatives:

Even with respect to the preservatives, it is astonishing to find that carrageenan products are highly natural. Artificial preservatives like Formaldehyde, Parabens, Edta etc, are a big no-no in the preparation of carrageenan products.

Gluten Addition:

There is absolutely no gluten added to the products of carrageenan. All such products are totally gluten free.

Seed Extracts of Grapefruit:

Any anti microbial activity is wholly absent in the natural methods of preparation of the seed extracts of grapefruit, according to scientific studies. However, commercially manufactured synthetic preservatives and antimicrobials are often added to these seed extracts which is obviously against the natural agenda. But the carrageenan products, especially deodorants are absolutely free from this since they make use of hops instead. These have a natural tendency of anti-microbial activity.

Ethylene Glycol:

Facial, Body and Hair care products have an evident composition of Ethylen Glycol which accentuates the fragrance levels of the product. However, this also is industrially manufactured and acquired. However, Carrageenan Products do not possess this ingredient. Instead these products have the essences of corn, oil of coconut and kernel and sea salt which regulate the body odors.

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